Fine Art
English stream

The English stream AKI Fine Art prepares students for a dynamic profession. Through individualized tutoring and creative practice, they become artists who are capable of undertaking various roles, positions, and responsibilities in art and society.

Small Art School The AKI is a small non-competitive art school. The academy focuses on educating independent artists and designers working in and between multiple disciplines. Its scale and character contribute to friendships, mutual exchanges, and collaborations within a context that seems temporary, but lasts a lifetime.

After Your Studies The AKI Fine Art Enschede program prepares you for a life and career as an independent and collaborative artist, capable of autonomous and commissioned work within a professional practice. It also allows you to build a portfolio and prepares you for continued study in an international graduate degree program.

Your profession as an artist goes beyond the borders of your discipline. Today’s artists work as curators, critics, and organizers and collaborate with planners, designers, architects, and scientists. As an artist, you have the most versatile profession imaginable.

During your academic training,  you’ll learn to think critically and independently and explore alternative possibilities as you develop the ability to see and perceive in a different way. These skills have broad applications beyond the art world, like making connections between arts and business or arts and politics. Our society benefits from the fresh perspective of artists.

The roles and positions of former AKI students vary widely.  See our alumni links below for a range of examples.

We welcome students coming from most levels of secondary education to take an entrance exam. What we look at most is your motivation, individuality and baggage. In certain cases, students may be enrolled in the second year of college. See also our Fine Art Admission Procedure

Applying is possible all year. A team of professionals is ready to take your Skype call and view your portfolio on the spot. Mail for an appointment with I you are in the neighbourhood there is a chance to learn more about our Crossmedia Design programme if you want to be a student-for-a-day, feel free to visit the academy in Enschede and/or make an appointment via

Practice Our faculty consists of teaching artists who maintain personal, professional practices. They supervise and encourage students to make informed choices and provide close access to their chosen fields of experience. The program provides clear structure and fuel for the creative process, offering in-class guidance aimed at the individual, artistic development of each student.

During group critiques, students learn how to examine the artwork of fellow students, as well as their own, to grow and develop constructively through criticism.

LAB Each year, students participate in six different LABs taught by guest lecturers and visiting artists from various fields of contemporary art. Students apply the knowledge they acquire in the LABs to their work in either painting or sculpture, in consultation with faculty.

LABs introduce students to exciting areas of contemporary art, outside the regular curriculum. Through first-hand, real-world examples from practicing professionals, students gain insights for making conscious choices about their future careers.

In addition to the practice and LAB, the program curriculum consists of the following subjects:

  • Art theory
  • Philosophy
  • Technical skills
  • Preparation for professional practice (website, portfolio, photographing work, writing project, administrative skills, etc.)
  • Reflection (write about and present artwork, consider group critiques and discussions)

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