Crossmedia Design
admission procedure
English stream

Below are all the specific entry requirements for our English stream Crossmedia Design bachelor’s degree programme. Admission is possible from October the 1st.

Portfolio consultation: If you have any doubts regarding your portfolio you can make an appointment for a portfolio consultation. Two Friday afternoons a month there is a team of lecturers available to Skype with you. For a Skype consultation we ask you to make an appointment by sending an email to

Application In order to apply for one of our courses you have to apply via Studielink, the national registration system used in the Netherlands. While applying please select either Crossmedia Design Enschede, Fine Art Enschede or Moving Image Enschede and select a date for the entrance exam. There is a possibility to do an entrance exam through skype if you live abroad. After registering we will contact you via email.

Preparation for the entrance exam We expect of your portfolio that it will give us an insight of your persona, talents and interests. Bring as much as you want: drawings, paintings, photography, videos, mockups and objects but also sketchbooks and rough outlines of ideas. You may take photos/videos of objects which you cannot transport and bring those instead of the objects itself. Adopt an active attitude and make sure you can elucidate your work. The committee will ask you about your motivation and will also be interested in your knowledge of visual arts and design. Your ability to visualise your ideas is crucial to the decision on your admission.

Entrance exam at the academy The entrance exam takes about half a day. You are required to bring your portfolio in order to present it to the admission committee. The admissions committee consists of a group of lecturers. Each lecturer on the committee will have a number of one-to-one meetings with candidates. During the day you will work on a visual assignment.

Entrance exam competences During the entrance exam, we test you on the following competences:
• Creative ability; the ability to express yourself visually, to work from your perceptions and concept.
• You have a good understanding and a sense of colour, form and material. Your work is authentic.
• Communication skills; you are a skilled communicator, you share your fascination and inspiration and display determination and discipline.
• Critical reflection; you have an inquisitive and experimental attitude, you are interested in art and culture and have a focused interest in the field.
• We also consider it important that you give us an insight into your person, your talent and your interests.

Skype entrance exam We will contact you via email to make an appointment for the Skype interview with the head of the department and a lecturer. Before the actual exam we request a portfolio and a letter of motivation.

Letter of Motivation In the letter of motivation you have to describe:
• Your creative past
• Forms of arts, media and design you are interested in
• Techniques mastered
• Previous education
• What you want to achieve in the study
• General interest in culture, society, communication, technology at large
• Specific interests in Crossmedia Design
• Questions you have regarding the study (reflecting an ability to transform opinions into questions; this is important since exploration, research, clear communication and understanding are basic elements in the program)
• Short résumé and any other information which you think we should know.

Portfolio In the portfolio you comprehensively describe earlier works, performances, design projects or other contributions to the field of Fine Arts. This can be illustrated with painting, sculptures, drawings, photos, reviews, media projects and so on. The portfolio may be illustrated with recordings on DVD or any commonly used data carrier that works on a modern computer or via web links ( like You Tube, Facebook, Instagram etc.). If possible we would like to receive your portfolio via “WeTransfer”. If you have any questions, please send them to

Result and validity You will be informed about the result of your entrance examination within three working weeks. If you are rejected, we will try to explain the reasons why. Admissions are only valid for the academic year following the entrance examination.

Admission requirements
• VWO (pre-university education), HAVO (senior general secondary education), MBO (level 4) (senior secondary vocational education and training) or equivalent diploma.
• English language requirements apply to (foreign) students.
• Pass in entrance examination

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Directions Public Transport:
 Our academy is five minutes by bus from Enschede Central Train Station. A bus in the direction of Hulsmaatstraat leaves every eight minutes: 
Take city bus line 2 (to Deppenbroek), or bus 60 or 61 (to Overdinkel or Oldenzaal) and get off at the stop Hulsmaatstraat.

Directions On Foot: 
A 15-minute walk from Enschede Central Station (1.8 km). 
Follow the pedestrian route towards Roombeek.

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