Moving Image Lecturers

Ina Bode Heads Moving Image
Agnieszka Wolodzko Lecturer Contemporary Philosophy
Anna Maria Pinaka Lecturer Authorship Methodology
Giovanni Giaretta Lecturer History of Moving Image
Tina Bastajian Lecturer Moving Image Theory, Research and Thesis
Akim Moiseenkov Lecturer SOUND Lab
Jan Guchelaar Instructor Software
Alina Jonker Instructor Photography and Photo Studio
Thalia de Jong Lecturer Image Design
Bert Teunissen Lecturer Analogue Photography
Daniel Noguiera Lecturer Film and Video
Antje Nestel Lecturer Media Theory
Elodie Hiryczuk Lecturer Expanded Photography and Creative Process
Dave Willé Lecturer Concept Development and Context & Networks
Sjoerd van Oevelen Lecturer Media Archeology
Leo Scarin (Tech lab)

Moving Image guest lecturers
Throughout the year we invite guest teachers from a variety of disciplines, most of whom have a connection with the expanded field of Moving Image. Amongst others: Erik Lieshout, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Nicolas Brown, Lilja Björk Hermannsdottir, Janneke van Heesch, Katarina Bakatsaki, Paul Özgur, Yasmijn Karhof, Lonnie van Brummelen & Sybren de Haan, Naomi Dines, Wouter Verberkt, Erik Martinsson, Tess Martin, Misja Thirslund Krenchel, Bart Eysink Smeets, Sander Brouwer, Ronald van Tienhoven, Martine Stig.