Moving Image admission procedure

Unfortunately it is not possible anymore for NON-EU and EU students to apply for course year 2018-2019, due to visa and application deadlines. You are very welcome to try again next fall for year 2019-2020. We start taking Skype calls in December.

Admission For the purposes of admission to the Moving Image course, you can make a personal appointment. Given that Moving Image attracts a large number of foreign students, admissions interviews are often held using Skype, but you can also make an appointment at the AKI itself. Alternatively, you can register (via Studielink) for an entrance exam on the admission dates that have been set for Crossmedia Design. In that case please state clearly that you are coming for Moving Image. To schedule an appointment (or Skype chat), please send an e-mail to or call +31 53 482 4400.

Exam procedure During your interview (be it using Skype or in person), you will be given an opportunity to explain your work in more detail. You will also be able to ask any questions you have in relation to the course at that juncture. The committee will take the opportunity to find out whether you know enough about the course and, if need be, provide additional information. It is likely that the committee will ask you about your motivation and explore your existing knowledge on visual art and design. Knowledge and motivation do not form part of the assessment, however. The decisive criterion for admission is solely the assessment of your creativity and expressive ability.

Competences We will test your chances of ultimately making it onto the course on the basis of the following criteria:
• Your creative ability: the ability to express yourself evocatively, to work from the perspective of perception and conceptually.
• Your communication skills: you are an adept communicator, sharing your fascination and inspiration and demonstrating vigour and discipline.
• Your critical reflection: you have an inquisitive and experimental mind-set, an interest in theory/philosophy and a specific interest in the subject.

Moving Image admission criteria:
 University access course, Abitur, higher professional foundation course or equivalent qualifications/level.
• N.B. Students who have completed the Crossmedia Design foundation course can, in consultation, progress to the 1st year of Moving Image.
• Moving Image is a course given in English. There are language requirements for all prospective students.
• Portfolio (print, digital or online)
• N.B. The Moving Image course is given in English. It is for that reason that your portfolio and the admissions interview are to be in English.

Portfolio We are very curious to find out what work you have been doing at home, at school or on some form of course over the past three years. This could be related to film, photography or moving image, though it could also involve visual investigation or written texts. Compile your work in a portfolio (which can also be digital).

Portfolio consultation If you have any doubts regarding your portfolio, you can make an appointment for a portfolio consultation. Two Friday afternoons a month there is a team of lecturers available to Skype with you. For a skype consultation we ask you to make an appointment by sending an email to

Results and validity Based on your interview, the lecturers on the admissions committee will formulate advice on whether or not to admit you to the course. This advice, which must be unanimous, will then be assessed by the board of examiners. The board of examiners will make the ultimate decision as to whether or not you are to be admitted. You will be notified of the results of your entrance exam within three working weeks. Any offer of admission will only be valid for the academic year subsequent to the entrance exam. If you are rejected, we will endeavour to provide an explanation of the reasons.

Directions Public Transport:
 Our academy is five minutes by bus from Enschede Central Train Station. A bus in the direction of Hulsmaatstraat departs every eight minutes: 
Take city bus line 2 (to Deppenbroek), or bus 60 or 61 (to Overdinkel or Oldenzaal).
Get off at the stop Hulsmaatstraat.

Directions On Foot: 
A 15-minute walk from Enschede Central Station (1.8 km). 
Follow the pedestrian route toward Roombeek.

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