Moving Image Study Programme

First year (BA1) In the first year you will be introduced in the history of art and design and media theory. You will be developing your general skills in image design and will start working on your signature in photography and cinematography. And you will be working on your Moving Image project, every year you will develop two major projects.

Second year (BA2) In the second year we will be specifying the history and theory to the moving image, with courses like montage theory and history of Cinema and we will be starting to focus on the philosophy of Moving Image. Besides that, we will be working on the development of scenario’s , which can contain a story, but that is not a pre-given. Obviously you will continue working with your cinematography and editing software, but you will also be introduced in sound design. And automatically you will continue to produce your major Moving Image projects.

Third year (BA3) In the third and final year most of the practical courses are dropped to make way for personal graduation guidance. You will have to write a thesis and will also be properly guided in that. Your final project gets centre stage for the most of the year, but you will also be partaking in a system called Lenses/Networks, which entails events to provide you with a connection with the professional field and potential follow-up studies.

After graduation. This is a new field of education, stretching boundaries and developing new areas, many of the future professions do not exist today but will rise in the next decade. Because this study offers you a full academic portfolio in terms of media-philosophy and design-theory besides your practical abilities to create new forms of audio-visuals, you will be a very valuable asset to any company which deals with communication. Your combined knowledge and skillset is yet unseen “on the market” and gives you much leverage in acquiring positions like art director or creative strategist, but also opens options in fields which are traditionally only accessible for those holding a degree in media-theory or a similar education.

Socialising is essential. This is a full program, but you will still find time to socialize in- and outside the academy, in fact, we find that to be an essential part of your study. If you are currently living outside the Netherlands, it is good to know that Enschede hosts a large body of students from a wide variety of disciplines and the costs of living are relatively modest. Its geographic position enables easy access to both The Netherlands and Germany. Most of the citizens of the Netherlands are very well capable of communicating English.