Moving Image
English stream

A unique new study in electro-chromatic communication. Exploring and challenging the boundaries of the media film, audio-visual communication, and design. Become a creative strategist by understanding and using moving images in it’s context to the world around us. ..

  • Moving Image is a four-year, highly dense study program that prepares the student for high-end jobs in the field of audio-visual communication and design.
  • Moving Image is a new, state of the art program, designed on basis of the latest techniques and insights in education within the field of the moving image. As we regard ‘the world’ as your future playground, the formal language of the program is English.
  • The program combines theory and philosophy alongside the practical development of your creative talent, which will give you a head start when pursuing a master program.
  • This program is unique as it not only examines the possibilities of linear and non-linear narrative structures but also the nature of the medium Moving Image itself hoping to reach new and unprecedented forms of communication.
  • The goals of the program are tailored to fit perfectly to the demands and needs of the professional field, which offers the best possible opportunity for a career in this line of work.
  • As part of the AKI, Moving Image is embedded in a large and relevant network that is supportive for achieving your goals. Finding actors, composers, artists or dancers for collaborative projects is essential and through the ArtEZ network, this can be realized without effort.
  • The program welcomes students who are willing to operate on the forefront of new media developments and who aspire to become leading in their field of work. Work hard, play hard, be successful.

Design images that generate new meaning in a communication process. Moving Image is an interdisciplinary programme that prepares you for a future in audio-visual communication. During your study, you will learn to combine developments in moving image and communication-design with a thorough basis in the philosophical and theoretical starting points that distinguish this program from all others. This program is unique as it not only examines the possibilities of linear and non-linear narrative structures but also the nature of the medium Moving Image itself hoping to reach new and unprecedented forms of communication. We regard the ‘world’ created by moving image as something completely new and real, and not as a representation of something else.

Translate communicative demands into touching images. You will learn how to create communication-based on effect, rather than on storytelling, with the aid of moving images. This is a professional field that has only just begun to reveal its vast potential, the market for communication through all types of screens (smartphones to billboards) is rapidly growing. Within this professional field, there is a clearly expressed need for people who understand the nature of moving images and who are able to translate communicative demands into solid and touching moving images. As a Moving Image designer you will often work in a team of designers, often led by an art director. After the completion of the Moving Image programme, you will be able to join this team as a specialist on the moving image or as a (junior) art director in the field of moving images.

Working in an ‘asymmetrical’ course program. You will be trained to be a team player (more likely; the team captain). This is why we work with an ‘asymmetrical’ course program. This means that we alternate short yet intensive periods of (theoretical and practical) centralized learning with longer blocks in which you will develop (collaborative) projects. These phases are coached by professionals from their respective fields and such structure allows to truly dive into your own creative processes and developments. The body of theory will provide an excellent foundation for a specialized master program.

Study in a small community You will study Moving Image at AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design in Enschede. AKI is a small, almost family-like community of artists, designers, craftsmen, scholars, and students. The atmosphere is open and friendly, students and staff interact with each other on a personal basis. Different art- and design influences are combined and boundaries are often challenged. Starting points for your studies are your own talents and motivations, which we will cherish and cultivate in a very personalized manner. Curious how we do this? Discover more information in the section course.

Learn a lot in a short time. The program of Moving Image is based on the acknowledgment that learning is not a linear process. Everyone has experienced this: sometimes it takes weeks to make a small step, sometimes it takes just an hour to take a great leap, especially in a creative process. The program of Moving Image is roughly divided into two types of learning: high density and low density. During the high-density phases, you will learn a lot in a short time. Think of mastering software programs and many other skills. But this also works for digesting blocks of theory: we believe that it works better to read a book in a week and think about it for a month than to read a book in a month and think about it for a week.

Room to conceive, develop and execute. The alternative, low-density stages give you plenty of room to carefully conceive, develop and execute a project. For this, you have more time and less pressure, but that does not mean that you will be sitting idle. In these production phases, you will think and re-think your concepts, find partners to execute your plans, schedule, produce, shoot and edit your work.

Admission. Applying Before being admitted to the academy, you first take an entrance exam, which evaluates your chances of completing the program. The entrance exam tests your visual and creative capacities, originality and drawing skills. The Admissions Committee is made up of two or three lecturers and students. You must sign up for the entrance exam through Studielink. The entrance examinations are being held in Enschede. If you are living abroad at the time of the entrance exams, you can contact us to request a modified form of the entrance exam in Enschede and we will work with you toward a suitable solution. (f.i. Skype)

Procedure The entrance exam is structured as follows: – a 15-minute interview about your motivation and general interests – an evaluation of the work you have brought with you. This need not only consist of complete designs but may also contain sketches, films, and designs that provide insight into your creative process – an evaluation of the results of the take-home assignment.

Validity of admission. The entrance exam for Moving Image gives you direct access to the first year of the program in Enschede.

Admission criteria. VWO, Abitur or equivalent diploma. The propaedeutic diploma of the Crossmedia design program is a valid replacement. Different criteria apply for admission to the senior years of the full-time programs. The Propedeuse Crossmedia Design diploma (1st year, but in Dutch) will also give access to Moving Image.

After graduation. This is a new field of education, stretching boundaries and developing new areas, many of the future professions do not exist today but will rise in the next decade. Because this study offers you a full academic portfolio in terms of media-philosophy and design-theory besides your practical abilities to create new forms of audio-visuals, you will be a very valuable asset to any company which deals with communication. Your combined knowledge and skill set is yet unseen “on the market” and gives you much leverage in acquiring positions like art director or creative strategist, but also opens options in fields which are traditionally only accessible for those holding a degree in media-theory or similar education.

Collision from Toms Silke on Vimeo.