It is nothing short of fantastic that this class of AKI graduates has managed to work its way through the challenges and disappointments and has passed a good final exam within all – sometimes seemingly impossible – limitations. This time also demanded much from the supervising teachers and staff and we want to record, underline and celebrate this through this presentation.

Crossmedia Design Charlotte Bon, Femke Bosma, Leander Brinks, Melle Foortjes, Judith Glimmerveen, Yleana Hanekamp, Wieke Hesp, Ketiskia Hodge, Celine Hoogervorst, Kim Jansen, Thijs Rosman, Elianne Schotanus, Lisette Schrijver, Manon Stigt, Iris Veltman, Jessie Wijburg

Fine Art Painting Maria Akcay, Gideon Eillert, Sietske Feenstra, Nicky Goldsteen, Lieve Hakkers, Matthijs Jeuring, Nikki KirpesteinKim Olijslager, Eva Oomen, Mona Harlem, Thijs SegersLuuk Willemen

Fine Art All Space & Sculpture Salima Essakkati, Dave Fransz, Tessa Langeveld, Lasity Last, Lisa Maartense, Linde Mestriner, Emma Priester, Frederik Pucknat, Philipp Schmidt, Hannah Stegmeyer, Simon Wagter, Laureen Wes

Moving Image Julia Hofman, Ilja Kolosovs, Lisa Oosterbeek, Tim Valenton

They are graduating. And I have enormous confidence in this class of graduates: if you can successfully complete an education at the AKI in this way, under these conditions, you can do anything!

I hope you will enjoy viewing this on-line collection.

Dr. Marc Boumeester
AKI Academy of Art and Design
ArtEZ University of the Arts