Open House
on Saturday, November 21st
from 10:00 – 16:00 hrs.

Crossmedia Design, Fine Art, and Moving Image programmes During our AKI Open House, special information sessions will take place for the programmes Crossmedia Design, Fine Art, and our new Moving Image programme. As much as possible, we will inform visitors about our general educational vision, our special first-year programme (propaedeuse), our admission requirements, and the career prospects that our programmes offer. Naturally, students and lecturers will be present throughout the day so visitors can find out first-hand what it’s like to study at AKI ArtEZ. Staff members from Student Affairs, the International Office, the Honours Programme, and the Art Business Centre will also be available for visitors to approach if they need specific information.

Discussion of portfolios Would you like to make sure you’re prepared for the entrance exam? Lecturers from the programmes will be available throughout the day to discuss the portfolios you bring in.

Workshops Our academy contains well-equipped and spacious workshops for screen prints and prints, graphics, ceramics, wood, metal, plastics, and computers. In addition to digital photo editing, AKI is also set up for analogue photography, with both a black-and-white and a colour darkroom. The academy also has a large recording studio for film and photography. During the open day, our expert instructors and assistants will be happy to discuss the incredible number of opportunities our workshops offer.

ArtechLab The academy’s AKI ArtEZ ArtechLab revolves around new materials and techniques. You can view the experimental work students have developed in coordination with consulting artists, designers from the professional field, technical instructors, and electronics experts.

Exhibitions of students’ work can be found throughout the academy, providing visitors with a good idea of the type of projects students work on.

Directions Public Transport:
 Our academy is five minutes by bus from Enschede Central Train Station. A bus in the direction of Hulsmaatstraat departs every eight minutes: 
Take city bus line 2 (to Deppenbroek), or bus 60 or 61 (to Overdinkel or Oldenzaal).
Get off at the stop Hulsmaatstraat.

Directions On Foot: 
A 15-minute walk from Enschede Central Station (1.8 km). 
Follow the pedestrian route toward Roombeek.

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AKI Academy of Art & Design
. Hulsmaatstraat 35
, 7523 WB Enschede, The Netherlands. Phone: +31 53482440

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Dates entrance-examination December 9th, February 10th, April 13th, June 1st, June 15th, August 22nd

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