AKI Wild Clay Project

16 AKI students from the 1st to 4th years of the Fine Art and Crossmedia Design programmes worked in on the ‘Wild Clay project’ over the past few weeks.  The results can be seen at Rijksmuseum Twenthe during the Whitsun weekend on 18, 19 and 20 May, as part of the KunstenLandschap exhibition. After that, the project can also be seen until 16 June. 

To kick off the project, Nadine Sterk of AtelierNL gave a lecture at the AKI. AtelierNL’s artists have years of experience working with ‘local’ clay from around the world. Later, the students went to the Aamsveen to dig up original Twente clay. The ‘harvested’ wild clay was then made suitable for processing in the AKI ceramics studio (rinsing clean and sieving many times!) After that, the students were able to work with the clay. The theme for the exhibition is ‘Dinner for two’.    

The ‘Wild Clay project’ came about with the cooperation of: AtelierNL (Nadine Sterk and Lonnyvan Ryswyck), AKI ArtEZ (Lola Bezemer, Julia van Eijden, Erik Kok), Rijksmuseum Twenthe (Josien Beltman), Kunstenlandschap (Paul Hajenius).   

Photo: Harvesting wild clay in the Aamsveen by Paul Hajenius