AKI Yearbook for sale on-line

Our new AKI Webshop opened at the same time as our AKI FINALS 2017 Exhibition. For the first time an AKI Yearbook can be bought on-line. Ofcourse we sell this year’s edition: A lush 226 pages book with the work of 34 Crossmedia Design and Fine Art students plus the essay The Responsibility of the Provocateur by Dr. Marc Boumeester PhD. It comes in a happy fluorescent Do But coloured cover.

We have also looked in our archieves and found several unique copies of older editions. Among others:
The Pages
. This robust book is the last masterpiece of graphical wunderkind Roland Sips. Pages out of books, magazines and catalogues, words and images, also found, are transferred with the Toshiba 1550 copy-machine into pure graphite. Synthesis bringing new associations about form and content in over 400 pages of synchronicity, serendipity, double interpretable or just plain idiotism.

But there’s also some rare copies of the FINALS 1983 left, designed by Karin Lansink!

As from September every (former) student, lecturer or staff member will be able to sell work here. Ask for specifications: akibalie@artez.nl.

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Go to the webshop: akiwebshop.nl