Exhibition ALL INN with work by 175 recently graduated artists

Wednesday 31 MARCH at 12.00 hrs. the exhibition ALL INN opens. One hundred seventy-five young artists, from nine art academies, including the AKI, participate in the exhibition. The initiative is a collaboration between the Dutch Bachelor’s degree programs in Fine Arts and curator Rieke Vos. It is the first time that recently graduated students from all the fine arts bachelor’s programs in the Netherlands will jointly present their work. ALL INN prefers cooperation to competition and collectivity to individualism. The initiative offers young artists a broad introduction to the art field. The exhibition has been carefully constructed and the dialogue between various works of art and tendencies in art is central. In addition, there is an extensive public program that has been put together by the young makers themselves.

Visit ALL INN via Livestream
ALL INN has been realized in the HEM in Zaandam. The exhibition is not physically accessible to the public, but everyone is cordially invited to follow the livestream. The livestream is part of the work ‘I don’t think we have anymore Stream left. I’ll check with the kitchen‘ by Sid Dankers and Mike Megens. They invite all exhibitors to participate through image, story, characters, music and language. This creates a collective broadcast, a gesamtkunstwerk built by many.

– Wednesday March 31 to Sunday April 4 from 12:00 and 20:00.
– Extensive info and link to the broadcast: https://hethem.nl/nl/Het-Hem/Calendar/2021/03/ALL-INN#Over-ALL-INN