AKI Finals 2015

We could say with a great sense of drama that the graduates find themselves on the eve of a new life. But in fact that’s nonsense, that “new” life has already begun on the day she decided to go to the AKI and probably even much earlier. Within the AKI we want to carefully handle the unique qualities and abilities of our students. One needs to nurture these characteristics, preferably without too much distraction. Therefore we are pleased with the geographical position of our academy, the urban agglomeration of western Holland is quite attractive but also brings a lot of white noise and tinsel. The work shows that today the epicenter is located in Twente. There is every reason to have positive expectations for the future of our graduates. See the work of the following graduates:

Crossmedia Design Chris Asmann, Christian Benecke, Kristina ten Bosch, Johanna Breuch, Katrin Hemmen, Nina Hewelt, Nicole Jacob, Mirjam Leppers, Anne Moses, Anna Müller, Mark Overweg, Maartje Punt, Timo Rodel, Katharina Schmidt, Lea Suijkerbuijk, Tjerk Woudsma.

Fine Art Media Kira Bölke, Tony Dočekal, Jannis Geronymakis, Aalt van de Glind, NoNo Groenen, Tess Heijstek, Guus Huiting, Jonne Klein Oonk, Naskalina Letsoin, Laura Signer.

Fine Art Painting Nora Axnick, Johan Deters, Maike Eilers, Julian Fricke, Annelies Gesquièrre, Suzanne Haarhuis, Helena Hoogenraad, Wesley Jansen, Busra Karayavuz, Kimon Kirligitsis, Caroline Krajenbrink, Lisanne Langenberg, Hannes Lichte, Mascha Peter, Glenn Plaisier, Peter Pohlmann, Claudia Schölling, Carina Schüring, Daniël Wunn, Eli Zegers, Sira Zika.

Fine Art Sculpture Swana van der Helm, Lisa Kammerer, Pim Muis, Hilde Onis, Adri Rodriguez Escobar, Mathijs van Sark, Mark Schulte, Roland Spitzer.

Parttime Fine Art Christine Beltman, Joyce Boijmans, Ineke Buursema, Gerda Fidder, Audrey Gonet, Anouk Lansink, Hermine Sanders, Hanneke Vreeken, Nicole Wegter.

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AKI ArtEZ > 26 June – 5 July
Hulsmaatstraat 35, Enschede (Roombeek)
Mon – Friday from 11.00 – 20.30 hrs.
Sat + Sun from 11.00 – 17.00 hrs.

TETEM kunstruimte > 26 June – 12 July
Stroinksbleekweg 16, Enschede (Roombeek)
Open till 5 july:
Mon – Friday from 11.00 – 20.30 hrs.
Sat + Sun from 11.00 – 17.00 hrs.

Open 6 – 12 july:
Mon – Sun from 11.00 – 17:00 hrs.

Concordia Expositie > 26 June – 30 August
Langestraat 56, Enschede (center, near the Oude Markt)
Tue – Friday from 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.
Sat from 10.00 – 17.00 hrs.
Sun + Mon closed

AKI FINALS 2016 from AKI Academy of Art & Design on Vimeo.