Finals exhibition of AKI Academy of Art & Design

The overview exhibition with works of all AKI Academy of Art & Design graduates of 2021 can be seen from Friday 25 June to Sunday 4 July in and around the AKI Academy building in Enschede. Work of some of the 2020 graduates will also be shown. (Last year, the physical exhibition was canceled due to the corona crises.)

Work by graduates of the Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture, Media), Crossmedia Design and Moving Image programs is on display. A visit to this exhibition is recommended for anyone who wants to be aware of what moves the latest generation of artists and designers.

Graduation Catalogue
On the occasion of the exhibition a new graduation catalog will be presented. This time it concerns a special, double, edition with the work of this year’s (2021) and last year’s (2020) graduates together in one book.

Mupi project
In Enschede, a route with works of all AKI ArtEZ graduates can be seen from Monday 21 June to Sunday 4 July. A photo of each graduate’s work was selected and printed in Mupi format (118.5 x 175 cm.) On the B-side of the Enschede publex boards, the public can become acquainted with the works in a route through the public space at any time (because it is on display 24 hours a day). See the route.

Bas Arkes, Jurel Bakker, Jip Bertelink, Sophie Buitenhuis, Anouk Daams, Celile Demir, Emmy Elferink, Talitha Fruneaux, Lianne Haafkes, Laure Haverkort, Laura Heemink, Kate Kirillova, Cas Klaver, Tamara Klein, Jasmijn Krikhaar, Lynn Muijtstege, Rosan Quattrocchi, Laura Scheffer, Cas Thorsen, Beau Voerman, Carmen Zomer, Nienke van der Burg, Marysha van Hattem, Muzammil Hussain, Hannah Kiefmann, Roman Knol, Bas Schippers, Tobias Thaens, Celina Veenendaal, Eline Vonk, Sytze Woudsma, Melissa Cijntje, Inbar Damhuis, Kaja Dunnewind, Julia van Eijden, Sabine Gosenshuis, Elma Greven, Babet Kanis, Jana Keijdener, Yuka Kimura, Kristen Oosthuizen, Maran Post, Esmee van Zeeventer, Bogdana Alexandrescu, Chandan Biswas, Tarek Chokri, Miguel Corado, Arianna C. Ninà, Julia Hofman, Ilja Kolosovs, Lydia Nijfhof, Lisa Oosterbeek, Laurynas Pikutis, Charlotte Bon, Femke Bosma, Leander Brinks, Melle Foortjes, Judith Glimmerveen, Yleana Hanekamp, Wieke Hesp, Ketiskia Hodge, Celine Hoogervorst, Kim Jansen, Thijs Rosman, Elianne Schotanus, Lisette Schrijver, Manon Stigt, Iris Veltman, Jessie Wijburg, Maria Akcay, Gideon Eillert, Sietske Feenstra, Nicky Goldsteen, Lieve Hakkers, Matthijs Jeuring, Nikki Kirpestein, Nicole Lambers, Kim Olyslager, Eva Oomen, Mona Harlem, Thijs Segers, Celina Veenendaal, Luuk Willemen, Salima Essakkati, Dave Fransz, Tessa Langeveld, Lasity Last, Lisa Maartense, Linde Mestriner, Emma Priester, Frederik Pucknat, Philipp Schmidt, Hannah Stegmeyer, Simon Wagter, Laureen Wes, Tim Valenton. 

Please note: During the exhibition we will of course take into account the corona measures. This means that the one and a half meter measure is maintained, you are expected to wear a facemask and that there is a limit to the number of visitors that can be allowed in the building. Reservations are not necessary, however, the opening hours are deliberately very wide, find all info on