Martin Draax’ Comic Sexy Fashion

It all started when songwriter, animator, illustrator, renaisance man, and AKI teacher Martin Draax was designing a stage dress for his lead singer Flora Dolores.

He was on a holiday, visiting a friend in Indonesia. His feet in the pool, white wine at hand, sketchbook on his lap. He drew a nice ’60s style mini dress and asked a local dressmaker to fix this thing.

Some time later he thought of another dress for Flora and after that being a huge success again he turned this into a business, in co-operation with his childhood friend André Oosterman, who now lives in Vietnam.

He designed 7 dresses under the codename ‘The Magnificent Seven’, asked 7 goodlooking friends to pose in it and dance to the music of his band The Spinshots.

Jelle Mulder, a great photographer and also a friend, took the pictures, Clarissa Berner and Lisa Eliazer did make up and hair, Kristine Galiher and Alice O’Connell did the styling. Esther te Brake was the dress maker.

It’s very funny to see such a great and professional operating team of friends working on this thing that started with just a sketch at the swimming pool.

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