Nono Groenen wins Blink
Youngblood Award 2015

The most wanted graduate prize for Dutch academies has been won this year by AKI alumnus Nono Groenen. The jury consisting of Vanessa Evers, Gerben Willers and Josephine Bosma handed him the award during the GOGBOT Festival in Enschede.

Nono Groenen about his work: In my work I try to research our subconscious aesthetic sense. It is impossible to objectively watch a face, or even an abstract shape. I research this in different ways like drawing, video and computer generation.

In this installation each system has a webcam mounted on the screen and with this it can track the face of the viewer very well. Every few seconds it shows another shape and tracks your viewing time and facial features. By analyzing this it will adjust the shapes to the subconscious preference of the viewer. The systems are competing with each other to draw the viewers’ attention with their best creations.

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