Paviljoen: AKI Fine Art at Concordia

AKI Fine Arts and art space Concordia are joining forces in an exciting new project called “Pavilion,” in which Concordia’s exhibition halls function as a space to experiment, to dialogue with new audiences and to showcase ideas and research. It is an opportunity for AKI students to present their work in a professional context, organizing their own openings, events and performances.

In architecture, the term pavilion stands for an autonomous, detached building with its own individuality in function, form and use. There is always a link to a main building, but autonomy plays a clear role. Concordia is a temporary pavilion, a place where AKI students show their work in an autonomous, individual way that for a moment is detached from the academic bubble they are in for the rest of the year.
Starting April 3, four short exhibitions by AKI Fine Art students will be on display. Every two weeks begins the build-up of the next artist or artist duo or group, reflecting on his/her/their work under the guidance of the Concordia team in the midst of our exhibition space.
Welcome to the openings, events and build-up. Engage in conversation with the artists!

Dates for the openings of the AKI artists’ exhibitions:
April 3: Roland Farkas
April 24: Emma Schuster and Chanella ter Haar
May 15: Jannieke Visser, Anna Elferink, Caroline Schot, Eve Haberman, Lana Hoekstra, Manal Al Harazi.
June 5: Kyo Elbers , Doux Yijin Zhu

Opening hours, art space Concordia, Langestraat 56 Enschede:
Monday closed, Tuesday to Saturday 10.30 -17.00, Sunday 12.00 -17.00

More information:

Photo accompanying this post: work Roland Farkas.