Robbert Pauwels at EWKC and Drawing Centre Diepenheim

Robbert Pauwels graduated at the AKI in 2008. His work is now shown in two different places. At EKWC (Europees Keramisch Werk Centrum) who is introducing a new format of final presentations. Test Case is a mixed program of final presentations, studio visits and short lectures of our artists-in-residence. Organised every two months, it gives the participants the opportunity to show their work to the other participants, interested and professional guests, staff and to you. Test Case is no exhibition but shows the starting point, work-in-progress or the result of the residencies.

And also at the Drawing Centre Diepenheim. Drawing ‘Must be the reason why I’m king of my castle’ shown until the 6th of September at the exhibition ‘Veldwerk’.

What kind of art did you start with? Before I attended art school I was photographing a lot with positive films and later on I experimented with making photos of staged scenes with fluorescent lamps, paper and portraits of my sister.

How did you get into sculpture? In the first year of my art academy I didn’t know which specialization I had to choose. A professor of mine recommended me to go for the sculpture department, because during the process of making art I made visual solutions.

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