The AKI participates in the International Print Symposium SNAP3

From the 12th to the 15th of November, the print association Druckvereinigung Bentlage e.V. will hold its third International Printmaking Symposium SNAP 2015 in cooperation with the cultural institution Kloster Bentlage GmbH in Germany and the AKI ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in the Netherlands.

The upcoming symposium is an opportunity to focus on Kunstraum (briefly, how objects and people relate to the space they inhabit, and the creation of space by artistic means) through Denkraum (briefly, intellectual space for reflection and dialogue). (Both German terms are difficult to translate, and are open to numerous interpretations.) The symposium is a meeting point for professional, artistic, and international exchange.

From the very beginning, in 2009, the International Printmaking Symposium in Bentlage has operated on a distinguished and international level, and is the only event of its kind in Germany. The name of the symposium, SNAP, has its origin in silkscreen printing jargon. The term snap is used to describe the staccato jump of the taught mesh as it lifts up from the substrate after the squeegee has been pulled across it. For the third symposium, the organizers wish to perform their own jump by calling on printmakers, artists of other media, master printers, curators, art historians, professors, teachers, and students who wish to contribute to the 4-day program. The application is also open to publishers, dealers, paper specialists and restorers, marketing specialists, art clubs, print collectors, print fair organizers, and non-profit studios.

The general objective of this symposium is to present a wide range of contemporary printmaking that is at its best innovative, intellectual, and relevant to society. We are also looking for presentations about the economic aspects of printmaking, technical issues, and the development of printmaking in terms of new materials, non-toxic methods, digital advancements, the use of laser cut, etching by electrolysis, and the combining of multiple print mediums.

All contributions to the symposium program will be in the form of exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, and demonstration workshops. Applicants who wish to exhibit their work must ensure that it adheres to the subject of the symposium, and that it is of excellent quality and of international interest.

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Kloster Bentlage, Rheine | 12.11.2015-1 0.01.2016
Haus der Niederlande, Münster | 14.11.2015-3.01.2016
Stadtmuseum Barken, Barken | 19.09.-15.11.2015
Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede | 27.09.2015-28.02.2016
AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design, Enschede | 12.-20.11.2015
TwentseWelle, Enschede | 11.11.2015-1.02.2016
Dynamo Expo, Enschede | 8.-20.11.2015