Studying Fine Art in the Netherlands will make you nuts, crazy and extremely successful

We have to disappoint you, it’s not Sodom and Gomorrah here. Although it’s a super topic for a film. Make sure you guarantee your English stream seat to the best Dutch Academy of Art & Design and make use of our Skype on-line admission procedure. For an interview or a Skype-call, make an appointment!

At our academy AKI we believe that the gap between thinking, saying and doing should be as small as possible. We are just there to further your ambition, to develop your talents and professionalize your competences*. May this be with paint, ideas, photography, film, concepts, design, sculpture, clay, wood, typography, drive, words, passion, philosophy and so on.

We offer three bachelor courses: Crossmedia DesignFine Art and Moving Image to add a clear sense of structure, but we prefer to front the power of a small scaled academy which has a commonly shared perspective on individual development. Autonomy of spirit enables you to be certain enough of your own capacities to share with others. This is probably why we have been granted the label of ‘top rated program’ for the last three years in a row, placing us on top of the field. Yet we are not impressed enough yet.

It is and always should be all about you. We expect you to be unconditionally driven, because what you have to say, think or do is very relevant. This means that whatever you want to achieve is very relevant as well. You hate it – or you love it for life, that is a promise.

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* We handle a set of seven competences, which – ironically, but not incidentally – have a big overlap with those that have been recently appointed by the World Economic Forum as being the key components for the future level of skilled labor.

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We’re sorry, but in order to study in the Netherlands you need to apply via the (dreadful) official governmental portal StudyLink. You first need to apply for a username and password there. Being a member of StudyLink does NOT create any further obligations.


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