The brand new Moving Image study program starts in September

Take part in the future of communication design. Moving Image is an exciting, new and creative alternative to more theory-oriented academic studies. The study synergizes deeply rooted philosophical departure points on what moving images are with a clear development of the skillsets needed to explore what moving images do. Working with the most elaborate theories and philosophies on the nature of moving image of our time, students will explore the boundaries and thresholds of this medium, with the goal to convert this knowledge into a new and unprecedented forms of audio-visual communication. This program is the first of its kind to combine an intense study of theoretical components and a hands-on translation into the practical domain. It is the only existing program that offers a high level, three year bachelor program within the realm of art- and design academies in the Netherlands, and offers therefore a superb and innovative alternative to those who possess both advanced analytical- and creative skills.

Admission info. Starting september 2015. Seats are scarce. So mail like greased lightning to Ina Bode